MULTIEYE protection of privacy, data according to GDPR

Protection of privacy at work, in shops and in public spaces

PrivacyShield is a software module that – in combination with additional MULTIEYE features – guarantees privacy protected video surveillance – in Germany in accordance with the GDPR. It caters to the need for the protection of privacy at workplaces, in shops or in public areas. With the PrivacyShield module (for analog and IP cameras) moving objects like people and cars are scrambled through special filters in live display and live remote monitoring. Their movements remain recognizable.

Anonymized representation of persons

Certain camera image areas in which people have to be displayed anonymized can be individually masked by a 2304-piece grid; the unmasked area remains unaffected.
With integrated video evaluation functionalities and setting parameters different image qualities of the analog/IP cameras and changes in the image like rain, snow, shadow and oscillation of the camera through wind can be compensated.

Multiple backed video recording

Video recording happens without filtering (focused) so a person’s identity can be discovered ex post. Access to the recorded videos is secured by several steps:

  • Four eyes principle
  • User authorization
  • MULTIEYE Shell license (optional)

With additional measures MULTIEYE systems can be converted privacy protection compliant. This includes the blackening out of privacy areas in the camera image area through private zone masking as well as the limiting of recording in days.

Existing MULTIEYE systems can easily be upgraded. An exchange of analog or IP cameras is not necessary. The small CPU utilization allows for up to 8 channels of PrivacyShield per recorder.