Multifunctional Media & Broadcast Recording & Analysis Systems

for TV, radio, video and social media live streams “Made in Germany”



Xentaurix Media & Broadcast Logger
XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger

Monitor, Record and Analyze TV, Radio, Video and Social Media

Our XENTAURIX systems are used for TV, radio, compliance recording, broadcast recording, content analysis, re-streaming, VoD clipping, monitoring, as a video recording system for social media livestreams and in the area of further education.

Multieye Videoüberwachungssysteme

MULTIEYE® Video Surveillance, Security and Information System

Our MULTIEYE video management software, recorders and system solutions have been successfully used for 20 years in thousands of the most diverse applications. The products and system solutions are easy to operate, multifunctional and offer investment security through the possibility of expansion and modernization at any time.


Trendsetting VMS with AI

Driver and Number Plate Recognition

Successfully in Operation for Two Decades


Mastering Challenges

Today’s use of high-tech video security systems is characterized by modern, clear video management, high video quality in real time, event-controlled alarming & recording, AI video analysis, communication with third-party systems, etc. This sophisticated technology is developed by us and is based on over 20 years of experience.

Use Information Systems

MULTIEYE systems process video data and provide a multitude of metadata through their state-of-the-art analysis functions and interfaces to third-party systems. The information is displayed on the monitors and processed further. For example, in applications such as process monitoring, parking management, early fire detection, customer frequency analysis, traffic analysis, environmental monitoring.

Investment Security

Customers benefit from the modernizability and expandability of our software and system components. MULTIEYE systems can thus be adapted to current and future requirements. In this way we offer future and investment security for our products and systems.

Data and Operational Security

 Video systems transmit and store data. These may be confidential and/or subject to data protection. Our systems ensure secure data transmission, storage and protection against unauthorized access. Great importance is also attached to high operational reliability and availability. These requirements are the prerequisites for the smooth operation of MULTIEYE systems in areas such as industry, banks, traffic, infrastructures and security authorities.

Sharing Know-How

In more than 20 years we have realised the most diverse video solutions with our customers.
Our competent development and technical team has a huge wealth of experience which we are happy to share with you.